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Garage Door Hardware, Parts, Supplies, & Accessories Online

Overhead Garage Door Store

The Lowest Price Available Online

We supply the largest line of high quality garage door products here online.

We represent the worlds finest manufacturers and suppliers of garage door products along with our time tested support system.
The overhead and garage door products sold here online are a diverse product line, offering functional and decorative supplies for use in all industrial, commercial, and residential door applications.

Our online store includes the widest variety of overhead garage door parts, hardware, accessories, and supplies available.

You will soon discover that our products offer innovative solutions for commercial or residential settings and have been engineered with more inventive features than any other company in the world.

We are extremely proud of these products and are shipping them every day to all parts of the globe. They are tested for durability and come with a manufacturers warranty along with a support system that is not offered by any other online store.

How can our products work for you?

Weather Seals
Weather Seals & Insulating Products for All Garage Doors
Our goal at the Overhead Garage Door Store is to provide you with a complete line of products to insulate and weatherize your garage. This line includes bottom seals and perimeter weather seals for all garage doors. We have a selection of high quality weather seals that are easily installed in your door's existing bottom retainer or we can provide you with an "easy to install" aluminum bottom retainer for all of our rubber and vinyl weather seal inserts. For added protection from the elements we recommend "garage door stops" for sealing the sides of your garage door and flexible "weather tight" thresholds that can be easily applied to your floor along with several other product solutions. For special applications, custom sizes, or quantity discounts please contact us.

Garage Door Rollers
Rollers typically show some of the first signs of wear on a garage door with added noise and other difficulties. The rollers can range from a solid nylon wheel with no ball bearings to high end sealed ball bearing car wash rollers. Overhead garage door rollers come in two standard sizes with 2" rollers being used for residential or lightweight industrial doors, and 3" rollers for carriage style wood doors or heavy commercial overhead doors. Our inventory includes all of the standard rollers along with higher quality products that are exceptionally quiet with added durability. We also have the harder to find "non standard" rollers with varying shaft and wheel configurations.

Heritage Decorative Hardware
Heritage Decorative Garage Door Hardware
Garage doors with the "old world" architectural style and charm are often referred to as heritage, victorian, chalet, or carriage house garage doors and are generally wood crafted doors. They often are or appear to be vertical sections and with today's technologies this style of door is often replicated in steel or aluminum. Our Heritage line of decorative garage door hardware will give these types of stylish doors the old world feel they desire.

Garage Door Hinges
An overhead garage door is designed to operate smoothly, safely, and easily. This is accomplished by utilizing several mechanical components that need to be maintained and working properly. The primary support system for your garage door panels are the hinges and they also provide a stabilized accessible mounting bracket for the rollers. When hinges begin to wear out or malfunction the garage door will not operate efficiently and this can often be responsible or associated with several other door problems. Once you begin to notice a "popping" or "snapping" sound along with the door being harder or resistant to opening, it is more than likely a symptom that the hinges need to be replaced. We can show you how easily hinge replacement can be accomplished. This is a cost effective solution compared to replacing the entire door which is often recommended by garage door sales representatives.

Garage Door Lubricants
We offer a complete line of lubricants for your garage door that are safe to use and easily applied. A properly lubricated door will reduce the wear and tear on all of your doors moving parts, tracks, and other hardware. Our lubricant products insure protection against rust and corrosion along with keeping your garage doors and opener operating quietly. Our after sale service and online or telephone support set us apart. We respond to all inquiries promptly and appropriately. If you have any questions about when or where to use these products please feel free to call us at 360-263-5400.

Garage Door Hardware
Keeping the hardware on your garage door in good condition insures a long lasting and trouble free garage door. The term "hardware" refers to all of the components of the door other then the actual door sections. Our hardware page offers a complete selection of the standard door hardware and we also include many of the less common, harder to find items that you may need to repair your door. Please feel free to contact us if you don't see the hardware you need.

Garage Door Locks
With a properly working garage door lock and lock system you will feel secure in knowing that your family and your personal property or possessions will be safe when that door is locked. Your safety and security are our primary concern in providing you with the highest quality locks and lock-sets. Our locks and locking systems are easily installed and designed for a durable trouble free life and provide effortless opening, closing, and locking.

Garage Door Openers
A good garage door opener does a lot more than just open and close your garage door. We have tested the leading models for speed, quiet operation, sensor performance and security features that keep unwanted guests out of your garage and home. We have found that most of the budget-priced overhead garage door openers are not quiet, not reliable and never easy to install. We will only supply what we believe to be are the best openers available and we have a long history of satisfied consumers. Our openers include properly labeled parts bags and a good instruction manual that insures that the installation will be a fairly straightforward process. The manufacturer offers a 5 year warranty on the parts and a lifetime warranty on the motor. Our online customers have found that our "after sale" service and support system is very helpful and we take pride in offering a complete line of parts for the openers or operators we sell. Let our well trained and experienced staff help you buy and maintain a better garage door opener.

Garage Door Remote Transmitters
Our goal is to offer a complete selection of garage door control products to complement the garage door opener we sell and to supply remotes for many of the other popular opener manufacturers. Replace your old taped up, lost, stolen, or damaged transmitter with a new remote here online. We also have the ability to replace or substitute remote transmitters manufactured as far back as 1980. There are many available in a variety of styles, configurations and colors with the added advantage of blending nicely with any car's interior or upholstery, making them the perfect accessory to complement your lifestyle. Many of the new remotes feature anti-burglary technology to keep your home safe and secure. We now offer keyless systems and control panels that will provide you with added security and convenience features for your garage door entrance.

Garage Door Springs
The highest grades of steel are used in the fabrication of every garage door extension spring we carry. This quality standard is maintained in every spring to provide you with maximum lift cycles. Standard extension springs are available here online or custom-springs can be ordered for both residential and commercial overhead doors. It is very important to check your garage door extension springs periodically. Garage door springs are under tension when extended and, if failure occurs this can result in a garage door dropping. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that garage door springs, rollers, tracks, hinges, brackets, arms and other parts of the assembly require occasional safety checks. Corrosion, loose hardware or worn parts can lead to accidents, while misadjusted springs can make the garage door very difficult to lift, or conversely, cause it to "fly up" out of your hands. With properly installed and adjusted door springs you should only have to get the door started by manually moving it a foot or two up or down before the springs take over. We highly recommend automatic garage door openers or operators that will get the door started for you, but the springs still do the actual work of lifting and lowering. Garage door springs come in different lengths to accommodate various standard size doors, from single garage doors to double doors. The amount of tension supplied by the springs is relative to the weight of the door. Doors can be very heavy and selecting the right garage door springs is essential if the door is to work properly, safely and easily.
Our inventory of springs does not include torsion springs and they should only be sold and replaced by professionals. Those who attempt to change garage door torsion springs can lose control of the spring or a cable under tension, and can be very seriously injured.
We have the ability to offer complete services if you are in the area and can make recommendations for other locations. the Overhead Garage Door Store will make every effort to provide personalized attention. If you have any questions or need to place a special order on a spring you can't find then feel free to use our interactive contact form or feel free to call us at 1-360-263-5400. One of our customer service representatives is ready to help you find a spring that is best for your door.

Overhead Garage Door Hardware and Parts

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